Client: NuSmyle Dental

NuSmyle Dental— based in Logan, Utah— came to us with a desperate need to get back on page 1 of Google. They didn’t know why all of their organic traffic had stopped and business was suffering because of it. The Poppyfield Agency came back with a thorough explanation of how this happened, and course of action to help this business get back into shape.

Core Services Used: Full Web Presence Audit, SEO/CRO

Industry: Dental/Medical


Client: Vector Business Solutions

VBS is a highly technical QuickBooks based accounting and bookkeeping service. However, they desperately needed help in branding, voicing, digital strategy and website usability. We couldn’t be more proud of the work we were able to do for them!

Core Services Used: Web Optimization, Content Creation
Industry: Services (QuickBooks based Accounting and Bookkeeping)


Client: Makellos Classics

Makellos Classics is an incredible Porsche restoration and custom build company. They are perfectionists and meticulous at their craft. The Poppyfield Agency is a digital restoration and custom build company—we think we are pretty meticulous too. Here’s how we joined forces to accurately showcase the full offering of this amazing boutique company.

Core Services Used: All
Industry: Automotive


Client: Finatic

Yes, you can teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime— but teach a company to build and execute strategies, and they will sell through inventory like hot cakes—and feed everyone. Here’s how we helped fishermen learn to switch out their rods for computers, their line for an intentionally built digital presence and their lures for quality content and copywriting.

Core Services Used: All
Industry: E-Commerce (Hard Goods, Fishing)


Client: Westward Makers

Here at The Poppyfield Agency, we love start-ups. We also love helping those who are brave enough to venture out on their own and start something new. This is a cool little case study of how we helped build an actionable playbook for a new player in the apparel/non-profit industry.

Core Services Used: Full Web Presence Audit

Industry: E-Commerce (Soft Goods, Apparel)


Client: Goodlion

Imagine if the Mona Lisa was only seen by the close friends and family of ol’ Leonardo. What a shame that would’ve been! It’s also a shame to spend months creating a beautiful user interface, only to be duped by non-indexing, long load times and a lack of data recording. Here’s how we helped Goodlion behind the scenes.

Core Services Used: Full Web Presence Audit, SEO/CRO, Analytics+Reporting
Industry: Media/Entertainment